Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Last Chance to Order LSS New & Revised Titles Package

Last Chance to Order LSS New & Revised titles Package! We will be retiring this package June 30th so, if you're interested, get your orders in before then!

What you get:

The order form for the new package includes 9 new or revised titles and 2 multilingual publication add-ons.

The kit is intended to get you started with these new publications: you have the option of ordering 5 OR 10 copies each depending on your library's needs.
To Order:
• Fill out the order form
• Send me your order form (to OR fax to 604-660-2821

The form also includes the option to set up a customer account so you can order more (for free)!

Monday, May 29, 2017

New Resources & Clicklaw Common Questions

New Common Questions on Clicklaw 

With the help of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association:

New (Free) Publications:

Explains consumer rights for common purchases and contracts. Now includes a new section on making a contract.

Covers 15 of the most common scams. Now includes new sections on romance scams, charity scams, and expanded coverage of online and computer scams.

A Death in Your Family (updated)
Covers preparing for the death of a loved one, what to do immediately after the death, making the funeral arrangements, and where to find support. 

New Publications Package - LSS New and Revised Titles
9 new or revised titles from Legal Services Society including 
  • Your welfare rights: How to apply for welfare
  • Is That Legal? What the Law Says about Online Harassment and Abuse
  • Income Assistance on Reserve in British Columbia
    ...and more!

Upcoming Webinars:

As of June 1st,  the CRT will begin accepting small claims disputes under $5,000. This webinar provides a walk through of the CRT process and some changes specific to small claims disputes.

Clicklaw Refresher for Libraries & Community Helpers
We will be reviewing how to search Clicklaw for reliable legal information specific to B.C. as well as how to use Clicklaw Wikibooks and the Clicklaw Helpmap to make better referrals. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Publications Package - LSS New and Revised Titles

Preview of the Order Form
Remember the Starter Legal Display Kit? LawMatters and the Legal Services Society are teaming up again to offer a New Publications Package!

The order form for the new package includes 9 new or revised titles and 2 multilingual publication add-ons.

The kit is intended to get you started with these new publications: you have the option of ordering 5 OR 10 copies each depending on your library's needs.

To Order:

Fill out the order form
Send me your order form (to

☺️ That's it! ☺️

The form also includes the option to set up a customer account so you can order more (for free)!

Download the Order Form 

Feedback - What do you think?

LSS is looking for feedback on these types of mailout packages and their free publications - if you ordered the Starter Legal Display Kit in 2016 or have thoughts about LSS publications please fill out their survey here:

Thank you for your feedback! 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Legal Information Workshop and Community Discussion in Salmon Arm

Last week, Audrey Jun was on the road representing LawMatters and Clicklaw in the Okanagan!

Audrey gave a great presentation on Clicklaw and legal information to library staff at the Salmon Arm branch of the Okanagan Regional Library.

The library also hosted a Community Discussion on Legal Information:

Organizations were invited to share information, resources, and ideas on legal information and services in their community. Audrey was joined by Nicky Dunlop from PovNet to facilitate the meeting.

Thank You!

James and the staff at Salmon Arm Library for inviting us to present on Clicklaw and for hosting the community discussion!

All of our participants at the Community Discussion on Legal Information for sharing their experiences, stories, and ideas!

All of this is a part of the services offered by the LawMatters Program. If you are interested in training or hosting a community discussion at your library, send me an email at!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Courthouse Library Tour & BC Library Conference 2017

Tour of Courthouse Libraries BC - Vancouver

Last week I had the pleasure of touring a group of BC Library Conference attendees through the Vancouver location of Courthouse Libraries BC (CLBC)!
I was joined by CLBC’s Client Services Librarian Megan Smiley (you may remember her from our webinar in March) and our Clicklaw Coordinator Audrey Jun! We covered our services, staffing, collections, and our outreach and digital initiatives - We really made the most of our time! Everyone had great questions and made the tour a lot of fun.

If you missed the tour but have questions about CLBC and what we do – send me an email!

BC Library Conference

Last year I presented at the Library Conference - this year many of you found me at my exhibitor's table. I had information on Clicklaw, Clicklaw Wikibooks and a new brochure for the LawMatters program.

Thank you everyone who dropped by and said hello; I really appreciated your feedback on the LawMatters program. While we mostly communicate online by email, having the opportunity to meet many of you face-to-face was a treat! I love hearing about your libraries, communities, and, of course, your experiences with legal information!

Speaking of legal information, there was a lot of fantastic PLEI (public legal education & information) represented at the conference this year – I shared my table with online information pathway MyLawBC and wasn’t far from the Legal Services Society's publications table. People's Law School also had their publications on display. If you saw anything that caught your eye, all these publications are free to order on Crown Publications!

I hope to see you all again next year!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Make a Will Week

Make-a-Will Week 2017 is April 9 to 15 and aims to encourage British Columbians to write their will or bring an existing will up-to-date.


  • Wills and Personal Planning Resource page
    • Click on Public Librarians and Community Helpers to see what resources you can use to help get your patrons started in a good direction
    • Print out For the Public and use as handouts
    • The PDF guides online are linked to all of the resources listed
  • Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry
  • MyLawBC 
    • Can help you make a simple will that reflects your wishes and fits your situation. As you work with the site it will explain the decisions you’ll need to make when writing a will and at the end of the process will provide you with a simple form to fill out to create your will. 
  • Access Pro Bono Wills Clinics (Vancouver)
    • Weekly Wills Clinic is held each Wednesday for low-income seniors (ages 55+) and people with terminal illnesses by appointment only.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How to turn $125 into a Legal Collection

New guide with examples!

Check it out here:

How to turn $125 into a Legal Collection (Word doc),

The guide is also available off of the LawMatters website

The smallest LawMatters grant given out is $125 –The purpose of this short guide is to give you examples of how you can build a great introductory legal collection with $125!

The examples  have been selected from the Law Books for Libraries 2017 (LBL) list with small libraries in mind – price, space, and subjects have been considered.

Step 1 is to start with free information!

You can collect quite a lot of information using free materials! Most titles included in the examples in the guide are available digitally or in print!

If space is a concern for your library or you don’t have a place to display pamphlets or booklets you can:
  • Access these online
  • Link them to your catalogue or website (if that is an option for you)
  • Download the PDF versions to access them offline

Step 2 is choosing books you want to spend your grant on!

Other tools for selection:

  • Legal Collections – Getting Started: This document contains some similar information but considers collection sizes from small to large and also recommends items for ‘all library collections.’ Included are electronic resources and a broader range of subject matter.
  • Law Books for Libraries 2017: This is an Excel document that contains ALL recommended titles for public libraries. Titles on this list can be filtered and organized by subject area, library size, price, and more. It is also colour coded to alert you to updated titles and new titles added to the list.

If you have any questions, please contact LawMatters Program Coordinator Shannon McLeod at