Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello to LawMatters Pilot Project Librarians

This is my first attempt at blogging, and I'm interested to see how this can work to communicate with each other. This is a very basic blog until I figure out how to do all the extras!

Here are some ideas I'd like your feedback about, if possible:

* We have discussed two possibilities of binders of the free PLEI (Public Legal Education and Information) titles: the Supreme Court Self-Help Guides, and the Scow Institute fact sheets.
Another possibility for a PLEI binder is a collection of materials from the Community Legal Assistance Society This would be about 100 pages, double sided.
As well, there is a good publication called Parenting After Separation that can only be ordered by phone. I could order the copies, then include them with the PLEI binders.
I plan to do a final list of PLEI binders so that you can let me know which ones you'd like.

*The Law Society has asked if public libraries would like a complimentary subscription to the Benchers' Bulletin

Coming soon: The BC LawMatters website, QP LegalEze course information and the Legal Reference Online Course training.

Please feel free to comment here on any of the above, or anything else concerning the LawMatters project.

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