Thursday, November 15, 2007

Legal Information Access Centre in New South Wales

I've been researching the topic of programs that help public libraries enhance their legal information collections, and have not found many ongoing programs in North America. There are several law libraries that provide bibliographies of recommended materials, such as the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries and the Utah State Law Library .

The most comprehensive program I've found is the Legal Information Access Centre in New South Wales (LIAC), which opened in 1990. Interestingly, this program was modelled after the Legal Services Society of BC Legal Resource Centre, which was cut in 2002 due to funding cutbacks. The LIAC site contains many useful ideas we might consider for the LawMatters project, such as the regular publication Hot Topics ; legal issues in plain language, and the coordinated pamphlet racks of legal information.


Anonymous said...

Checkout LIAC's website - it's pretty good.

Lois said...

LIAC's service is wonderful. It was actually modelled on the programs that BC and Alberta had years ago (before the cutbacks). We're getting back into this a bit in Alberta - still not on-going but getting more pieces in place.