Monday, April 7, 2008

Training Opportunities in Legal Information Update

* LawMatters workshops will be offered at the BCLA conference April 19, as well as at the North Coast Library Federation May 2, and the Kootenay Library Federation June 12. Previous workshops were held in Nanaimo February 19 and Surrey March 5, and more workshops will be scheduled later in the year. The workshops are adaptable for each audience and topics include an overview of the LawMatters project; how to respond to a legal reference question; and how to use legal reference tools, including in-print and online legal information sources. If you are interested in a workshop for public library staff in your area, please contact .

* The following courses in legal information are available for staff who work in public or Aboriginal libraries in BC, and offered through the Public Library Services Branch:

QP LegalEze May 13 and June 9
Family Law in BC website May 14 and June 11 [presenter from the Legal Services Society]
Residential Tenancy Law May 26 and June 5 [presenter from the Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre]

Online Course:
The eight week CLTP course in Legal Information Sources [202c] will be offered again starting Oct 6, 2008

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