Monday, May 12, 2008

New Legal Information Online Update

* PovNet is an online resource for advocates, people on welfare, and community groups involved in anti-poverty work. Their home page has recently been redesigned to highlight the most popular key issues of their readers, such as Applications and Forms and Find an Advocate .

* Legal Services Society provides legal aid in BC, and has also redesigned their website. One new feature is a page for community worker resources, with a link to LSS workshops and conferences.

* Planned Lifetime Advocacy (PLAN) is a not-for-profit charity created by and for families who have a relative with a disability. Their goal is "to ensure a safe and secure future for your relative with a disability and, in the process, to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind." PLAN now offers two online workshops : Wills, Trusts and Estates Online, and Home is Where the Heart is, which explores the different home options available for a relative with a disability.

Two new resources featured on the BC Courthouse Library website's What's New section:

* The Canadian Human Rights Commission has published a list of questions and answers about section 13 (communication of hate messages by phone or Internet) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

* The Law Society of BC has released two new Task Force Reports:
- Report of The Family Law Task Force (PDF, 25 pages). The Task Force proposed that a best practices guideline for professionalism in family law should be created.

- Report of the Unbundling of Legal Services Task Force (PDF, 51 pages). "Unbundling" refers to a situation where a lawyer provides limited scope services to a client, such as help with drafting documents, coaching or limited court appearance, rather than full representation. Unbundling of legal services can be a way for many people who represent themselves in court to get legal advice.

New Items on LawMatters Page

Two new items have been added to the LawMatters website:

* An update of Law Books for Libraries List of Recommended Titles, May 2008. Thirteen additional titles have been added to the core list of legal information titles for public libraries.

* A Brief Guide to Finding Court Documents has been added to the Legal Information Toolkits for Public Libraries. It gives sample questions library patrons might ask, possible responses, and tips for searching court documents.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Legal Information Online Update

* BC Ministry of Attorney General, Family Justice Services. Parenting After Separation: For Your Child's Future. 2007.

* The Scow Institute recent additons of Aboriginal legal information: Five new research papers and fact sheets , April 2008.
• Comparative Governance Structures Among Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
• Elderlaw: Relationship and Relevance to the Needs of Aboriginal Elders
• Matrimonial Property on Reserve in Canada
• Intellectual Property and Aboriginal Peoples: Conflict or Compromise?
• Aboriginal Courts in Canada