Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Legal Information Online Update

* Law Courts Education Society of BC. What is Cyberbullying? March 2008

* The B.C. Student Assistance Program is now StudentAid BC . The forms page includes Chinese and Punjabi translations of What is Student Aid?

* New on the Family Law in BC website:
One new fact sheet: Family Case Conference checklist

One new Who can help? page: Representative for Children and Youth

Three new PDF self help guides:
How to serve documents and complete an Affidavit of Service for a BC (Canada) Supreme Court family law process (in English, Punjabi, and Spanish) for people who have to serve documents outside BC.

Three new English transcripts of family law videos :
one for Ruptura del Contrato de Esponsoramiento (Sponsorship Breakdown — Spanish)
one for (Haga Su Propio Divorcio Do Your Own Divorce — Spanish)
one for Solicitudes Internas de Esponsoramiento (Inland Sponsoring Applications — Spanish)

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