Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Legal Information Online Update

* "Voices from the Field" Needs Mapping - Self-help Services in Rural and Remote Communities Final Report (pdf, 110 pages) Gayla Reid and John Malcolmson. Released by the Law Courts Education Society on July 2, this report summarizes the ideas of many community members, including public librarians. The report also makes recommendations for self-help services that will assist rural and remote users to resolve their civil and family justice issues.

* Video Tutorials provided by the BC Courthouse Library Society. Six short videos assist viewers with Researching Legislation and Finding Precedents.

* Pivot Legal Tenant's Rights Card for Vancouver's Downtown Eastside residents.

* Legal Services Society's LawLine Frequently Asked Questions ; also see useful information about LawLine .

* Courts of BC: Your Guide to the BC Court System provides a Teacher's Guide, Student Handouts and a Glossary .

* Small Claims Court of BC has a new website with a short video, links to forms and glossary.

* A Layman's Guide to ICBC Part 7 Benefits. Provided by the firm of Murphy Battista, this guide outlines the process to apply for car accident benefits and the type and amount of benefits available to an injured person and/or to the family of an accident victim.

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