Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Legal Information Online Update

* Family Class Sponsorship: Defaulting on an Undertaking brochures available for download in English, Chinese, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Spanish and Persian. BC Ministry of Community Services, March 2007

* New Resource: Vancouver's Battered Women’s Support Services Legal Advocacy Resource Room for women preparing to represent themselves in court on family law matters.

* New fact sheets published by the Scow Institute of Aboriginal legal information:

- Aboriginal Courts in Canada (PDF 5pp) April 2008

- Aboriginal Peoples and Intellectual Property Rights (PDF 7pp) January 2008

- Comparative Governance Structures Among Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (PDF 6pp) January 2008

- Elderlaw: Relationships and Relevance to the Needs of Aboriginal Elders (PDF 4pp) January 2008

- Matrimonial Real Property on Reserve in Canada (PDF 5pp) March 2008

- Review of Changes to the Law Related to Forestry and Aboriginal Rights and Title Updates in the law 2005 - April 2008 (PDF 11pp) 2008

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