Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Legal Information Online Update

* Animal Protection Law In BC Discusses the responsibilities that come with owning or caring for animals, explains the laws that protect animals in BC and what happens when people break these laws. (16 pp, PDF) People's Law School, July 2008

* "How to serve documents and complete an Affidavit of Service for a BC Supreme Court family law process" for people who have to serve documents outside BC. (in Chinese, Tagalog , and Vietnamese). Legal Services Society, Family Law in BC. The website also provides a new database of multilingual publications, July 2008.

* The Internet has become indispensible to the legal world Column by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun. Recommends a list of sites for research and general legal information. August 11, 2008

* Legal Aid Can Help 6th edition. Describes the legal aid services available to people with low incomes, and sets out who might be eligible for them (and how and where to apply). Demonstrates how legal aid can resolve common legal problems through fictional examples of common legal problems. (16 pp, PDF) Legal Services Society, April 2008

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