Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pro Bono Free Legal Clinics in BC

**When groceries and rent are day-to-day concerns, hiring a lawyer is usually out of the question. Besides, many people aren't sure what their rights are or are intimidated by the legal system.

"Yet if their problems are unaddressed, they're going to have a lot of far more serious issues develop" **

The above excerpt is from a column by Ian Mulgrew in today's Vancouver Sun that describes the good work being done by Access Justice. The organization coordinates volunteer lawyers who help low income clients throughout the province with civil and family disputes, and points out that the need is growing because of the economic downturn.

Access Justice , the Pro Bono Law of BC , and the Salvation Army Pro Bono Program are all important referral resources for low income people to speak to a lawyer in person.

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