Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Legal Information Online Update

* New on the Family Law in BC (Legal Services Society) website:
- a multimedia presentation, Choosing a court. The presentation includes an interactive video to match topics with the relevant court, as well as a video scenario, fact sheet, audio clip and a new Google map option to find local courthouses. December 2008
- extended and advanced search options have been added to the basic search . December 2008

* People's Law School has updated The Child's Right to Love: Information for grandparents, relatives, and others close to the child. 3rd ed. [28pp PDF] October 2008. It can be downloaded from their publications page.

* The Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre provides a Renters' rights pamphlet (Condensed Tenant Survival Guide). [2 pp PDF] The pamphlet is now available in Portugese, as well as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Spanish and English. The pamphlet and guide can be downloaded from their guide and factsheets page. The Centre also provides a Landlord Guide [13 pp PDF] in English, Chinese and Punjabi which can be downloaded from their publications page.

* Canadian Legal FAQs new FAQs:
- Coalition Government and Prorogation of Parliament Updated December 2008
- Travelling with Children September 2008

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