Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LawMatters Evaluation Reports

"... the combination of “intimidating” (legal) materials and an unfamiliar form of access (i.e. computers and web-based materials), plus a difficult emotional situation (e.g. custody/divorce/access issues) made it very difficult for some patrons to effectively access web-based materials. "

The above quote is from a LawMatters report of a focus group of public librarians held November 21, 2008. The group provided valuable feedback and ideas for future LawMatters programs. We have also published summaries of training participant assessment forms on the LawMatters site [scroll down to Evaluation Reports], which include these comments about LawMatters workshops:

"Nice review of web resources, valuable handouts. Indicated where to start and to keep a broad framework in mind.

Search strategies – (It is) always good to get a reminder of how to approach reference questions. I don’t do this type of reference question often and the subject can seem overwhelming. Hints about where to start and how to break it down are useful."

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