Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Legal Information Online Update

* Artists' Legal Outreach Program provides artists, arts administrators and arts organizations in all disciplines with access to resources and experienced lawyers to address arts-related legal issues

* VictimsInfo.ca: An Online Resource for Victims & Witnesses of Crime in BC Includes information on reporting a crime, police investigation, preparing for trial and what happens after sentencing.

* New on the Family Law in BC (Legal Services Society) website: multilingual resources are now listed.

* Update to Legal Services Society's When I'm 64: A Guide to Benefits and Services for People Aged 60 and Over. Read a description in the legal aid newsletter Elan or read the update and 2006 title at the publications page [8pp update plus 105pp] November 2008

* Community Crime Prevention Guide contains information about crime prevention and reduction strategies, and advice on developing community crime prevention action plans [36 pp PDF] 2008

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