Friday, June 19, 2009

Media reports: LawMatters on CBC Radio and other stories about legal information

* On April 22nd, the day of the LawMatters public launch, Courthouse Libraries BC Executive Director Johanne Blenkin was interviewed by Mark Forsythe on the Almanac program of CBC radio. Mark commented on the picture of the Radium Hot Springs legal collection on the LawMatters blog: "There it is, all on one shelf and easy to access." Johanne mentioned that many people in small towns may prefer to find legal information themselves and not have to ask for help, since confidentiality could be an issue. Johanne also stressed that the LawMatters resources in public libraries are intended to help people solve legal problems before they become serious, as well as assist people who must make a formal legal claim. She emphasized that people still need lawyers for legal advice, but having good legal information is a powerful tool when dealing with the legal system.

* Playing Jeopardy in Prince George reports on a workshop presented at a library conference June 8. Presenters were Drew Jackson of the new Clicklaw website, and Janet Freeman of the LawMatters project. We devised legal questions with answers from both Clicklaw and LawMatters resources, and even managed to stump the audience occasionally! See the blog posting for pictures of the game show format.
Another blog post titled Early word of mouth about Clicklaw includes a piece on Vancouver Public Library's Guy Cribdon, who was also interviewed on CBC radio. Guy did a great job explaining how the Clicklaw site will help the public looking for legal information.

* [Alberta's] Legal Resource Centre a boon to all; Non-profit groups find information invaluable
Edmonton Journal, June 17, 2009

* Job hunters turn to the library News from, June 8, 2009. [LawMatters recommended list of Law Books for Libraries includes 15 titles on employment law]

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