Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Legal Information Online Update

* Changeville, from the Justice Education Society, is an online world for BC children to explore legal information and feelings about divorce and separation.

* Children’s Rights is a script on Dial-A-Law that explains whether children can choose which parent to live with, children's rights if hospitalized against their will, and whether children have input in child protection cases. [5 pp] 2008

* DriveSmartBC is a web site about traffic safety in BC, authored by a retired RCMP officer. It includes information such as How to Deal with a Traffic Ticket and many FAQs about driving in BC.

* The Alberta Legal Resource Centre (LRC) now has a blog called Blogosaurus Rex which includes podcasts and commentary on current legal issues. One of the LRC's websites is Canadian Legal FAQs which published a new resource on Bankruptcy in a Q & A format. July 2009

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