Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Legal Information Online Update

New on the Clicklaw website:

* 5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Renting (Video) Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre, 2009. The video is available in Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Farsi (Persian), Spanish and Vietnamese.

* If You Are Charged with a Crime (Brochure) Legal Services Society, November 2009. Also available in French.

* You Owe Money and Someone Owes You Money (Videos) People's Law School, January 2010. Animations of a character experiencing debt collection problems. The videos are accompanied by fact sheets You Owe Money and Someone Owes You Money.

Other new titles:

* Immigration Law for Temporary Foreign Workers in English and Immigration Law for Temporary Foreign Workers in Spanish [Powerpoint presentations 35 pp ] are available from the IM-POWER-ED website, which is a community-based legal education and facilitation project for temporary foreign workers.

* Justice for All? [video 8:49 min] from Access to Justice.ca describes the legal aid cutbacks in BC.

* Protesters’ Guide to the Law of Civil Disobedience in British Columbia – Olympic Edition by Vancouver lawyer Leo McGrady, Lawyers Rights Watch Canada . [45 pp PDF] November 2009

* West Coast Environmental Law has a new site which contains links to their publications, newsletter, blog and media releases.

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