Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Legal Information Online Update

New on the Clicklaw Blog:

* Clicklaw HelpMap continues to grow with 78 services offered in over 750 locations across BC! Recently, the Legal Services Society added their Provincial Court Family Duty Counsel and Supreme Court Family Duty Counsel programs to the map. [February 16, 2010]

New or revised publications from Legal Services Society:

* If You Can’t Get a Lawyer for Your Criminal Trial: How to Make A Rowbotham Application 2nd edition [21pp PDF] November 2009. This publication is intended for people facing serious and complex criminal charges who have been denied legal aid but cannot afford a lawyer. It explains why, how, and when to ask the judge to appoint a free lawyer, and includes a checklist of points to cover in court and copies of the necessary court forms.

* If You Can’t Pay Your Court Fine on Time [2pp PDF] February 2009

Other new titles/articles/websites:

* Access to legal aid facing challenges by Mike Simmons, Kelowna Capital News, February 5, 2010.

* BC Workers' Compensation Legal Kit by Jonathan Dykstra and Erika Eineigel, 2010. Helps workers by giving step-by-step guidance regarding injury appeals. Instructions, templates, real-life samples, and precedent letters included. $47.00

* Povnet has redesigned their website which includes a new feature of Government Information, organized by region and by issue.

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