Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Legal Information Online Update

* Resources for new Supreme Court Rules and Forms:
- Justice Education Society has updated and expanded its Supreme Court Self-Help Guidebook series, and launched a new website, .

- Clicklaw has added these common questions:
8Where can I find the new court rules and forms for Supreme Court cases?
8Can I fill in the new court forms online?
8I'm trying to prepare a case under the new Supreme Court rules
8My Supreme Court case started before July 1, 2010. Will the new rules affect me?

Other new online resources:
* People’s Law School released Human Trafficking in Canada 2nd ed. [16 pp] June 2010

* A useful list describing Justice Education Society's series of websites was published in Legal Services Society's May 2010 Elan newsletter.

* Paternity Issues is an online guide at JP Boyd's BC Family Law Resource. For other common questions, see the How Do I? page.

* G20 protests and the power of regulations, from the Alberta Legal Resource Centre's Blogosaurus Lex blog - scroll down to posts from June 25 and June 30, although there are many interesting posts on this blog!

*Updated Resources for Libraries and Community Groups from LawMatters [scroll down to Toolkits and Resources]:
8 BC Toll Free Phone Numbers Legal Information and Advice Referral List [June 2010]
8 LawMatters Reading Guides [March 2010]
8 Multilingual Legal Information Titles [March 2010]
8 Separation and Divorce in BC Research Guide template [June 2010]

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