Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spotlight on New Online Multilingual Legal Resources

The number of online legal resources available in additional languages as well as English has recently increased:

* The Clicklaw home page provides links to website information in Chinese simplified and traditional, Punjabi, Korean, and Farsi (Persian), as well as to a page of Clicklaw resources in those languages and Arabic, French, Hindi, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

* Courtinformation.Ca website explains the BC Court Information Program for Immigrants and offers legal information in Chinese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Hindi and Spanish.

* ImmigrantLegal.Ca, BC's Immigrant Legal Toolkit website. Includes a service directory, fact sheets, forms, FAQs, and instructional videos on such areas of law as employment standards, resident tenancy, family law and domestic violence. The resources are available in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi (Persian), French, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages.

* The Justice Education Society now offers the following titles:
- Online Parenting After Separation course, in Mandarin and Punjabi
- Families Change: A Guide to Separation & Divorce, in French
- Your Human Rights videos in Mandarin and Punjabi
- Youth and Gangs Resources videos and factsheets in Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and Punjabi.

* The Legal Services Society now has Your Guide to the Refugee Claim Process and If Your Child Is Taken: Your Rights As a Parent available in French.

* The Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre has added:
- Tenant Survival Guide in Spanish and Traditional Chinese
- Landlord Guide in Traditional Chinese and Punjabi
- Tenant and Landlord Guide for Newcomers to BC in Chinese Simplified, French, Korean and Persian
- Five Ways to Protect Yourself as a Tenant Fact Sheet in Arabic, Burmese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Filipino, French, Japanese, Karen, Kinyarawanda, Kirundi, Korean, Oromo, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya and Vietnamese.
- Tenant Info for Renters in BC in Arabic, Burmese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, and Spanish.
- Translated Tenancy Agreement Forms [scroll to bottom] in Punjabi, Chinese Simplified and Traditional
- 5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Renting Video in Arabic, Burmese, Cantonese, French, Japanese, Kinyarawanda, Kirundi, Korean, Mandarin, Oromo, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya and Vietnamese.
- Are Tenant-Landlord Laws Different in BC and (Mexico, Korea, India, the Phillipines, China)?
fact sheets (respectively in Spanish, Korean, Punjabi, Filipino, Chinese Simplified)

Each year, LawMatters updates a list of Multilingual Legal Information Titles available at many public libraries.

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