Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Legal Information Online Update September 29

New from the Clicklaw Blog:
Clicklaw and the Just a Click Away initiative describes the report of a recent conference and series of webinars on how technology can be used to deliver legal education and information to the public in Canada.
* Find legal help in your community on Clicklaw explains how to use the Clicklaw HelpMap to find local resources.
* New Common Questions on Clicklaw There are now over 130 common questions with answers using Clicklaw resources.

New Resources on Clicklaw
* Refugee Hearing Preparation: A Guide for Refugee claimants Salsbury Community Society, [14 pp PDF] 2010
* Small Town Justice: A Report on the RCMP in Northern and Rural British Columbia BC Civil Liberties Association, [107 pp PDF] 2011

Recently added to Legal Services Society's Family Law in BC website:
Three new fact sheets:
* Can you and your children move to another city when you share child custody and your ex doesn't agree with the move?
* Frequently asked technical questions about the Supreme Court family forms
* What if your ex is harassing you through the courts?

Six new FAQs:
* At what age can children choose which parent they get to live with?
* What financial help can I get to support my nephew who is living with me temporarily?
* How can I argue my case to get my former common-law partner to pay the amount of child support our children are entitled to? He left the relationship to “start over” and changed his job from full-time to part-time so he could go back to school to learn a new job and feel less stressed while studying.
* What can I do about a collection agency that’s harassing me about my former partner’s debt?
* My former common-law partner pays child support for our daughter, who lives with me and stays with him every second weekend. Now he wants her to stay every weekend, but I don’t agree with that. We both want what’s best for our daughter, but just can’t seem to agree on this, no matter how much we discuss it. What can we do?
What is court harassment?

Other new web resources:
* Filing Checklist for Registered Charities Operating in British Columbia
* Come to Canada Citizenship and Immigration Canada has created a web tool that is meant to help users learn how they might visit, study, or live in Canada.
Parental Support in British Columbia JP Boyd’s BC Family Law Blog September 20, 2011

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