Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Legal Information Online and Legislative Alerts

* Changes to the pardons program Elan Blog post, January 11, 2012
* Sexting and the law Justice For Children and Youth Blog post, November 1, 2011

New on Clicklaw
* Aboriginal Harvesting Rights: If You've Been Charged with a Harvesting Offence Legal Services Society [20 pp PDF] 2011
* Discharge from Bankruptcy Justice Education Society [21 pp PDF] 2011 Includes forms.
* Epilepsy and the Law: What are the legal rights of a person with epilepsy in British Columbia? Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson's Centre [114 pp] PDFA
* Guide to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement Legal Services Society [28 pp] 2011
* A Guide to Wills and Estates on Reserve Legal Services Society [3 pp PDF]
* How to Appeal An Order Made in Small Claims Court Justice Education Society [29 pp PDF] July 2011
* How to prepare for a meeting with a family duty counsel lawyer Legal Services Society [Fact Sheet] 2011
* Indian Residential Schools Settlement: The Independent Assessment Process and the Common Experience Payment Legal Services Society [Fact Sheet] 2011
* Moving Toward a Surveillance Society: Proposals to Expand "Lawful Access" in Canada BC Civil Liberties Association [79 pp PDF] 2012
* Resources for newcomers to BC from People’s Law School: Paying Taxes [12 pp PDF]; Driving in BC [12 pp PDF]; Consumer Law [16 pp PDF] all produced in 2011.

Service Disruption Notice: Duty Counsel service withdrawals January – April 2012
Duty Counsel are the lawyers that help people representing themselves at court, most commonly in criminal and family cases. The B.C. Trial Lawyers Association has announced that “Duty Counsel service withdrawals will be conducted as a four-part escalating series, with counsel standing down for the first week of January, two weeks in February, three weeks in March and all of April.”

Legislative Alerts
* BC Family Law Act, 2011 (BC) , Courthouse Libraries BC, Asked and Answered, December 13, 2011. The new law passed November 24, 2011, and is expected to come into force approximately 12 to 18 months later.
* Drunk Driving Law (BC), Courthouse Libraries BC, Asked & Answered, January 12, 2012 . Latest challenges to impaired driving law.
* New Child Support Tables in Effect December 31 JP Boyd’s BC Family Law Resource Blog December 31, 2011

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