Monday, July 30, 2012

New Legal Information Online July 2012, Including Update on New Family Law Act

New on Clicklaw:

* Adults and Consent to Medical Care Canadian Bar Association BC Branch 2011

* Artists Legal Outreach  [lists 4 online resources]

* Cooperative Housing: Members' Rights and Duties Canadian Bar Association BC Branch 2011

* Elder Law, Elder Abuse & Seniors' Rights Canadian Bar Association BC Branch 2012

Court rules, forms and self-help guides to court procedures Clicklaw [flowchart to resources]

* Genetic Privacy and Discrimination BC Civil Liberties Association [56 pp PDF] 2012

* Guide for Manufactured Home Park Landlords & Tenants in British Columbia BC Residential Tenancy Branch [50 pp PDF) 2011

* Police Involved Deaths: The Need for Reform BC Civil Liberties Association [105 pp PDF] 2010

* Separation Agreements: Your Right to Fairness West Coast LEAF  [14 pp PDF] 2012

* Troubling Assessments: Custody and Access Reports and their Equality Implications for BC Women   West Coast LEAF  [62 pp PDF] June 2012

New from the Clicklaw Blog:

Do you have bed bugs? How about mold? February 2012

* Electronic Devices Privacy at the Canadian Border  May 2012

* Resolving Disputes (Before They Escalate to an Administrative Law Tribunal) June 2012

New from Courthouse Libraries BC:

Changes to Drunk Driving Law In Force [Asked and Answered] June 2012

* Is there a law in B.C. that makes it illegal to kill a sasquatch?  [Asked and Answered]  October 2011

Making Sense of the New Criminal Omnibus Bill [blog post] May 2012

From Legal Services Society Newsletter Elan
The new BC Family Law Act
The Ministry of Justice has announced that the new Family Law Act will come into force on March 18, 2013. This act will have wide-reaching effects on family law in BC. To help you prepare for the changes, Legal Services Society has published a continuing series of entries explaining the new act. 
* Property and debt division options for unmarried spouses   
* Making agreements to stay out of court  
* Care of and time with children (Part 1)  
* Care of and time with children (Part 2) 
* Children's property  
* Child support 
* Giving notice before moving with children 
* Helpful information about the new Family Law Act from the Ministry of Justice 

More new online legal information:

* Abuse in Same-Sex Relationships BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs & Qmunity  [2 pp PDF] undated

* Canadian Identity Theft Support Centre [online resource]

* Executor’s Toolbox Coastal Elder Law Corporation [online resource]

* Facts for Garage Sale Vendors Health Canada [online resource] 2012

* If the Media Calls: A Guide for Crime Victims & Survivors Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime [online resource]

* Improved Annual Reporting by Not-for-Profit Organizations Chartered Accountants of Canada [44 pp] 2011

* Human Rights Handbook for First Nations Canadian Human Rights Commission  [62pp PDF or HTML] undated

* The Little Black Book Of Scams Competition Bureau Canada [19 pp PDF]  2012  

* Pot: What is the law? Justice for Children and Youth [online resource] June 2012

* Sponsoring your family  (Frequently asked questions) Citizenship and Immigration Canada [web page] March 2012

* Transgender People and Relationship Abuse BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance and Counselling Programs & Qmunity [2 pp PDF] undated

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