Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Legal Information Online October 2012

New on Clicklaw:
* Benefits for grandparents and other relatives raising children  Legal Services Society [pamphlet] 2011

* Communicating with Creditors  Credit  Counselling Society [webpages or 8 pp PDF] undated

* Forming a Private Company  Canadian Bar Association BC Branch [Dial-a-Law Script], 2012

* Going to the Canada Pension Plan Disability Review Tribunal BC Coalition of People with Disabilities [70 pp PDF] 2012

* Insurance Benefits and Compensation for Accident Victims Canadian Bar Association BC Branch, [Dial-a-Law Script] 2012

* Starting a Small Business Canadian Bar Association BC Branch [Dial-a-Law Script] 2012

* Understanding the Extended Family Program Legal Services Society [fact sheet] 2012

Relationship abuse fact sheets from Legal Services Society now available online in five more languages: Chinese (simplified and traditional), Farsi, Punjabi, and Spanish:

* Criminal Court Process
* Getting Help from the Police or RCMP 
* Safety Planning 

Blog posts on criminal law from the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta's Blogosaurus Lex:

* Changes to citizen’s arrest July 31 2012
* How about now? Now, is assisted suicide legal? August 16, 2012
* Bill C-26 attempts to make sense of self-defence August 23, 2012
* On Drunk Driving and the Constitution August 15, 2012
* The Supreme Court of Canada and the Case of Baby M September 21, 2012

Other Blog Posts:

* How to Find Good Legal Information Online  Blogosaurus Lex, Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta [Includes Video, 4:15 min.] September 13, 2012

Litigant's Bill of Rights BC Family Law Resource Blog, September 20, 2012

My day in BC’s First Nations Court Legal Services Society Newsletter Elan, September 13, 2012

* Update for Your Guide to the Refugee Claim Process Legal Services Society Newsletter Elan, October 4, 2012

Other new web resources:

* Patriots and De-taxers  Courthouse Libraries BC Asked and Answered revised October 2, 2012

* To Move or Not to Move – that is the Question (Separation Agreements)  LawNow magazine article, September 1, 2012

* Community and Disability Law Program Brochure  Community Legal Assistance Society,   2009

* HIV Testing & Your Rights Handbook  BC Civil Liberties Association [28 pp PDF] 2012