Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Legal Information Online - January 2013

New on Clicklaw

* Legal Help for British Columbians: I want to claim refugee status in Canada  page updated to reflect recent legislative changes. Courthouse Libraries BC, January 2013.

* Refugee Claim Flow Chart Legal Services Society, 2012.

* Small Claims BC Online Help Guide now includes a ‘virtual assistant’ to guide reviewers through the process. Justice Education Society, January 2013.

Blog posts and journal articles:

Enduring Power of Attorney: Not for Health Care Nidus Blog January 3, 2013

* Litigants' Rights and Responsibilities JP Boyd’s BC Family Law Resource the Blog November 18, 2012

* New immigration publications and legal aid lawyer services Legal Services Society Elan Blog December 20, 2012

* New legislation changes Canada’s refugee claim process Legal Services Society Elan Blog December 19, 2012

* Privacy and Cloud Computing  Law Now January/February 2013 [journal article]

* Law Now January/February 2013  Feature Articles: Your Canada, Your Constitution; Special Report: Developments in Internet Law [69 pp PDF]

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