Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Legal Information Online April 2013, featuring JP Boyd on Family Law

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This week is Law Week, and the Clicklaw team is pleased to announce that a new Clicklaw Wikibook was launched April 15: JP Boyd on Family Law. JP's popular website is now available on a wiki format - an easy-to-use and fully searchable online resource that can also be printed, downloaded or ordered as a full-sized book. Read more about this innovative new format.

New or updated common questions on Clicklaw:

I want to learn about the new BC Family Law Act

I'm in a family court case; will the new act affect me?

When there is wife abuse, what happens with parenting? 

New or updated publications from Legal Services Society:

Family Law in BC: Quick Reference Tool (PDF 13 pp ) 2013

For Your Protection: Peace Bonds and Family Law Protection Orders 3rd ed. (PDF 40 pp ) 2013

Live Safe — End Abuse Fact Sheet Series (PDF Series of 11, 2 pp each) 2013

Living Together or Living Apart: Common-Law Relationships, Marriage, Separation, and Divorce 6th ed. (PDF 109 pp ) 2013

Need Help with Your Refugee Claim? (PDF 2 pp ) 2013

New BC Family Law Act — Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 4 pp ) 2013

Parents' Rights, Kids' Rights: A Parent's Guide to Child Protection Law in BC 9th ed. (PDF 68 pp ) 2013

Surviving Relationship Violence and Abuse, 2nd ed. (PDF 116 pp ) 2013

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