Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Legal Information Online June 2013

New on Clicklaw: from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Learning about the Law: Working in BC, Renting a Home People's Law School [PDF 28 pp] 2013 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Maple Ridge Public Library Gets Visit from Wikibooks Author JP Boyd

Maple Ridge Public Library Branch Manager Teresa MacLeod 
and Clicklaw Wikibook author JP Boyd

Lawyer and author John-Paul Boyd brought a print copy of the Clicklaw Wikibook JP Boyd on Family Law to his local library in Maple Ridge recently. Fraser Valley Regional Library's Maple Ridge Branch Manager Teresa MacLeod welcomed the new resource on family law as a valuable addition to her library's legal information collection. As noted in a Clicklaw Blog post, JP Boyd on Family Law is an innovative and comprehensive resource for members of the public looking for help with their family law questions. Since the resource is available both online in a wiki format (similar to Wikipedia) as well as in bound print copies, it enables vastly improved access to legal information.

The LawMatters at your local public library program operated by Courthouse Libraries BC works in partnership with public libraries in BC to enhance access to legal information in a variety of formats. LawMatters is arranging printing and distribution to all 241 libraries in the province of free copies of JP Boyd on Family Law as well as the recently updated 4th edition of Legal Help for British Columbians, also a Clicklaw Wikibook title.