Monday, August 19, 2013

New Legal Information Online August 2013

New from Legal Services Society on Clicklaw:

Consumer Law and Credit/Debt Law 4th ed 2012 (PDF 224 pp)

Defending Yourself: Assault  [PDF 24 pp] 2013

Defending Yourself: Mischief  [PDF 24 pp] 2013

 Blog posts and journal articles:

Cyberbullying or Criminal Conduct? LawNow, July 1, 2013

     - For other questions on personal planning and related issues, see the Nidus page Ask Joanne 

Helpful Decision on Finality of Divorce Act Orders Released  JP Boyd on Family Law, August 4, 2013

Summer Senate Series: Part 1  Blogosaurus Lex, Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta, August 2, 2013

Supreme Court Releases Important Decision on Relocation JP Boyd on Family Law, August 5, 2013