Wednesday, March 9, 2016

LBL 2016: Quick Update on Law Books for Libraries List

Something a little different this year…

Previously, the recommendation list came in an excel format with 3 tabs. The 3 tabs allowed you to browse titles as they were organized by 1) Size of Library 2) Title list 3) Subject. This year, the titles have now all been consolidated into one excel list.

You can now use filters to sort the titles to customize your list! I hope that this will make using, searching, and organizing the list easier and more efficient for you. 

You can now sort your list by:

Size: When you download the list, the titles will be ordered by size (Essential, Small, Medium , Large), as they were in the original (2015) list. However, if you want, you can sort the list to display only certain sizes (for example to only display Medium and Essential titles).

Price: If you are looking within a certain price range this may be helpful, or if you just want to filter and display ‘free’ titles you can do that too.

Subject Heading: A primary subject heading is given and in some cases a secondary subject heading where a title either covers two subjects or a specific aspect of a subject.

Notes: I have added notes for only some titles. On your list you can add your own notes as you go!

Finally, you can also sort by publication date and author.

If you are only interested in updated (highlighted in green) or new (highlighted in purple) titles, you can filter by colour!

What about the Free Titles List?

The Free Titles List will not be produced as it duplicates information on the LBL 2016 list.
LBL 2016 has the option of sorting by free titles and by publishers. If the publication is available in a language other than English, you can check the “Other Languages” heading.  Please note that some of these free titles are available in more languages when viewed online. This list only reflects the print availability. 

As always, I welcome any feedback, let me know how you find the new list.

Happy Collecting!

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