Friday, April 22, 2016

How to Host a Legal Topics Webinar for your Patrons: Part 2

How do these legal topics webinars actually work in practice?

To answer this question, here in part 2 of  How to Host a Legal Topics Webinar for your Patrons, Virginia Charron of the Kitimat Public Library shares her library's experiences hosting webinars and answers some of the questions from our last post!

Thanks for sharing!

How many webinars have you hosted?

The Kitimat Public Library has run three successful webinar events presented by Nidus Personal Planning and Resources Centre (Nidus provides information and education on representation agreements, advance directives and more).

How were the webinars received?

We enjoyed good attendance numbers because we advertised extensively and also because the topic was highly relevant to our community. All of the events were well received by senior audience members and we have plans to continue to hold these information sessions annually if possible.I was told by the attendees that they truly appreciated the opportunity to learn in such a friendly and easy way and without cost.

How did you promote the webinar?

We got the word out via Facebook, our Website, in the newspaper, and by distributing flyers around town.

What equipment would I need?

All you need is one laptop connected to wifi, a projector/TV and speakers, mouse and keyboard (wireless preferred because this makes it easier to sit with attendees and type their questions when required).

What did you do to prepare? 

The only prep required was to photocopy handouts (optional), to set up the room with enough chairs, to set up the computer equipment (actually ours are always ready for webinars) and to bring in some snacks.

How many staff members would I need to dedicate to this?

It is easy to coordinate and to lead.  It only requires one person to set up the room which is a snap.That person can stay for the workshop but can leave the group if required. However, it is a good idea for someone to remain in the room in case there is a question to be asked of the webinar facilitator.

If you have any more questions about webinars or have hosted a webinar at your public library and would like to share your experience, please let me know! Contact Shannon McLeod LawMatters Program Coordinator at

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