Monday, May 2, 2016

Quick Tips for Ordering Legal Materials: Crown Publications

Today's post will be the start of a mini-series of posts focusing on the process of purchasing legal materials. I hope that this information will come in handy as you look through the Law Books for Libraries (LBL) list and begin ordering for your collections!

Ordering Free Legal Materials Through Crown Publications

There are many free titles in the LBL list and most of these will be available to order from Crown Publications (links are also provided in the list). I thought I’d provide a quick walk-through of Crown Publications for those of you who may be new to ordering from this site.

  • Login with your Customer ID* and Postal Code
  • Option 1: Search for a specific title in the Search Box
  • Option 2: To browse, navigate to “Quick Links” 
    • Click on “BC Public Legal Education & Information.” This will allow you to browse by subject (and then search within the subject)
  • Option 3: To browse through an organizations publications, select “Other Organizations” – this will include People’s Law School and Legal Services Society, two of the the main publishers listed in LBL
    • Click on the organization to browse and search all of their publications
  • When you find the title you want, click on it to open it more information
  • This page will give you a summary and the option to add multiple copies to your Basket**
  • Some items will show up only as a link: they have a folder icon next to them – these are currently only available online
  • Go to your Basket to check out!

*If you're not sure what your Customer ID is, but have received free titles previously, contact me at
**Legal Services Society Publications must be ordered in quantities of either 1 or 25

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