Monday, June 6, 2016

MyLawBC helps resolve common legal problems

By Nate Prossner
Online Outreach Coordinator, Legal Services Society

When people have complicated problems, the library is often the first stop they make and the librarian is the first person they talk to. When those problems are legal problems, it puts librarians in a position where they are asked to help navigate the legal system. MyLawBC, a new website from the Legal Services Society, is just the tool for this situation.

MyLawBC takes a new approach to delivering legal information. The website is based around the idea of interactive guided pathways. This is a question-and-answer approach that diagnoses users’ legal problems and then gives them an action plan specific to their situation.  The action plan helps them solve their legal problems. For librarians, MyLawBC can be a great tool to help patrons.

MyLawBC covers common legal problems that people face. This includes:

issues surrounding divorce and separation;
the impacts of family violence and abuse;
what to do if you've missed a mortgage payment; and
typical end-of- life issues, such as writing a will or representation agreements.

The guided pathways serve as a quick and easy way to get patrons the information they need. Where time and resources may be an issue, a short introduction to MyLawBC can empower patrons and give them the tools they need to research independently.

These pathways can also serve as a directory. At the end of each pathway, MyLawBC gives the user, among other things, a list of resources and services that can help. If you encounter a patron with a more complicated legal problem, this can be a reliable way to connect them with experts who can help.

Finally, the website also has quick links to all of the Legal Services Society’s publications, searchable by subject or title, as well as instructions on how to order print copies for free.

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