Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Starter Legal Display Kits Arriving Now!

Those of you who ordered legal information pamphlets through Legal Services Society to start your legal displays should be seeing your orders arriving now!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm! I hope that this information will be valuable for you and your patrons. You can order any of the publications for free at any time through Crown Publications.

Okanagan Regional Library's bundles of legal info

Unfortunately, some publications may have been out of stock when ordered - many of them are either being reprinted or redeveloped. These include:

  • Live Safe End Abuse series
    •  The Criminal Court Process (Eng)
    • Parenting (Eng)
    • Safety Planning (Eng)
    • What is Abuse? (Eng)
    • Women Abused By Their Partners (Eng)
  • Living Together or Living Apart (Eng)
  • Need Help with Your Refugee Claim (Eng/Spa)
  • Separation Agreements (Eng)
  • Aboriginal Child Protection wallet card (Eng)

Please contact Patricia Lim at patricia.lim@lss.bc.ca if you have any questions about your order or questions about when publications will become available.

Okanagan Regional Library packing up publications to send out to their branches! 

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