Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Getting Started with your Legal Collection – New Guide!

This year I’ve created a new document to help get you started with your legal collection.

Whether you are new to your role in collections, new to the LawMatters program, or are looking for a little more guidance making selections, I hope you will find this guide helpful! 

You have given me some great feedback about the collection support that LawMatters offers and one of the things I heard was that many of you would like a way to help prioritize purchases – a clearer way to figure out the best starting points for your legal collection.

The main selection tool provided by LawMatters is the Law Books for Libraries list. This list has been organized with filters to help you make selections by subject, library collection size, and more.

I recognize that this excel document can be a little overwhelming with over 230 titles currently listed! This new guide will provide information more “at-a-glance!” It is organized by subject and provides titles recommended for different size collections. All titles are also linked to the publishers’ pages.

This is a Word document so check out the headings in the Navigation Pane to quickly jump to the subject you want to explore.

Download the document here or check out the LawMatters website.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Example from the Guide

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