Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Grant Offers & New Law Books for Libraries List

It’s that time of year again! This week, LawMatters will be sending out grant offers to public libraries to be put towards building legal information collections.

How can my library participate?

A Grant Agreement Letter will be emailed to the chief librarians/directors of public libraries in BC along with the following:

  • Legal Collections – Getting Started (NEW)
  • Selection Guidelines
  • Law Books for Libraries (LBL) for 2017 (UPDATED)

All documents except for the Grant Agreement Letter are available online to view/download from the LawMatters website.

The Process:

1) Agreement Letter

  • Sign & Send us a copy
  • Keep a copy for your records

2) Receive your grant

  • We send you a cheque for the amount specified in your agreement letter

3) Collect & Consult

  • Use LBL 2017 as your guide to purchasing materials with the grant
  • See something not on the list? Check our Guidelines and contact the Program Coordinator before purchasing

4) Report

  • Let us know how you spent your grant
  • Send us a report in by October 16 with the titles you purchased and for which of your locations (if applicable)

Please let me know if you prefer to have a print copy of the Grant Agreement Letter sent to you by mail. Send me an email smcleod@courthouselibrary.ca or give me a call 604-660-9204 if you have further questions.

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