Friday, August 18, 2017

Coming Soon! New Clicklaw Wikibooks for your Library!

We will begin our mail out of Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP) Manual and the Legal Help Guide for British Columbians next week!

This year, LawMatters is pleased to announce that we will be providing print versions of the following Clicklaw Wikibooks to public libraries:

Legal Help Guide for British Columbians (Updated)

For over 40 common legal problems, the Guide provides first steps to address the problem and options for further information or help - all written in plain language!

Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP) Manual (New)

The Law Students' Legal Advice Program's (LSLAP) Manual provides quick answers to many legal issues. Originally designed as an educational resource for LSLAP students, it is now used by hundreds of organizations across BC. Clicklaw Wikibooks and LSLAP have joined efforts to bring the Manual to the Clicklaw Wikibooks format.

JP Boyd on Family Law (Updated)

Written in plain language, with definitions for key legal terms, JP Boyd on Family Law provides practical, in-depth explanation of family law and divorce law in British Columbia.


What are Clicklaw Wikibooks?

In a nut-shell, Clicklaw Wikibooks are online, collaboratively published, plain language resources covering a range of legal information topics.

Why provide print copies?

One of the goals of the print initiative is to help libraries have an established core collection of legal information. The other goal is to provide a format (print & online) that can make legal information accessible in every community.

Who gets a print copy?

All public library systems in BC will be receiving copies of our new publications – copies will be distributed with library size in mind. For example, smaller libraries or libraries with one location will receive 1 copy (of each wikibook).

Your library does not have to be participating in the LawMatters grants program to receive these publications.

If you have questions about this, please email me at 

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