Tuesday, December 19, 2017

LawMatters Year in Review: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my overview of LawMatters activities in 2017!

In my previous post, I covered the cornerstones of the LawMatters program - the activities we do every year - including training/professional development, collection guidance, and grant distribution. In this post, I'll be covering some of the 'extra' things we did this year ...

Legal Information at Your Library – FREE BOOKS

Clicklaw Wikibooks

2017 was a big year for Clicklaw Wikibooks!

This year we printed three Wikibook titles: Law Students Legal Advice Manual (LSLAP), Legal Help for British Columbians, and JP Boyd on Family Law – FREE for public libraries in BC.


Boxes of Clicklaw Wikibooks ready to ship!
One of the goals of this print initiative is to help libraries have an established core collection of legal information.

The other goal is to provide a format (print & online) that can make legal information accessible in every community.

This is why LawMatters and Clicklaw Wikibooks continue to work on developing accessible legal information that you can provide at your library!

LawMatters coordinated the mail-out of these 3 titles to 72 public libraries systems in BC:

239 copies of LSLAP
241 copies of Legal Help for British Columbians
241 copies of JP Boyd on Family Law

Wills and Estates Collection

LawMatters teamed up with People's Law School to distribute the limited edition print copy of their Wills and Estates Collection. Each library in BC received at least 1 copy. 

Wills-and-Estates-Collection-full-cover-image.jpgThis collection brought together four popular titles from People's Law School that deal with ageing and death:

Each of these titles is available as a Clicklaw Wikibook separately and, if you want to read them all at once, the Collection is also available as a Clicklaw Wikibook!

New Publications Package - LSS New and Revised Titles

Remember the Starter Legal Display Kit? LawMatters and the Legal Services Society worked together once again to offer a New Publications Package that included 9 new or revised titles and 2 multilingual publication add-ons. 

The kit was intended to introduce libraries to free legal information and to help make it easier to get started with legal 'freebies.' 

Free legal information pamphlets and booklets produced by Legal Services Society AND by People's Law School are all free to order from Crown Publications.


Last year, Courthouse Libraries BC embarked on an evaluation to assess the LawMatters program. We were pleased to share a summary of the results this year with an infographic and full evaluation report.

Click here to view evaluation infographic

Thank you everyone for your support and participation in the LawMatters program!
Looking forward to working with you in 2018!

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