Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Starter Legal Display Kit Returns!

LawMatters is pleased to partner once again with Legal Services Society (LSS) to bring you this updated kit.

We want to help you get started with a legal display of 'freebies' for your patrons.

The purpose of this kit is to promote handouts in legal displays for public libraries. Legal handouts can offer another access point for patrons: access to print information they can take away for themselves.

No matter your library size or budget (did I mention these are all free?) give a legal display a try! The order form includes titles, subjects, and dimensions - plus they are grouped together into a Basic Kit and Subject specific add-ons, making it easy to order!

Basic Kit includes freebies on:
General Legal Aid
Aboriginal Law
Family Law
Family Violence
Benefits & Welfare

Specialized add-ons include:
Aboriginal Law
Abuse & Family Violence
Family Law
Resources in Materials other than English

You can click the image below, download the order form here,  or find it under "Materials for Public Librarians" on the LawMatters website.

Fill out your library’s information and send your form to me at lawmatters@courthouselibrary.ca

Please note that this is for public libraries only. We hope this will be a great start or addition to your legal display.

Currently this kit includes LSS publications. You can add other publications (from People’s Law School, for example) to your Starter Display or re-stock titles from Crown Publications.

LawMatters and LSS welcome your feedback as it helps us shape future resources and services. Please let us know your thoughts and experiences!

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